Experience transformation through beauty.

Whether you need a new look, or a new outlook on life, you will be refreshed in body and renewed in soul and revived in spirit during your visit, leaving empowered to make your world a better place.

Why Tranquility?

The genius is in the details! Experience authentically friendly, professional service and extreme hospitality! You can enjoy a cheese and cracker plate, home made chicken salad, a nice glass of wine or our signature cupcake while you enjoy your services.

This team has won every possible award available in this industry. Although we are very proud of this and extremely grateful we know the REAL difference between us and everyone else…It is the heart of the people that work here! We care intensely about your experience with us and we are willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to make it amazing!


Our Salon Team is equal to none other! We train extensively all year long. The average American hairstylist trains the same amount of time in ten years that we do in one. Each stylist is committed and fully engaged in being the absolute BEST in our field. They are bright, positive, fashion forward, professional and truly authentic in every way!  We are a TRUE team, you can see one or all of us, we actually encourage it, and whatever works best for you is best for us!


Our Spa Team believes in our vision and as a result each member you meet will be talented, delightful and eager to serve. In order to have an authentically Tranquil experience, your service provider has to have true peace herself….That is our Spa Team- full of Peace, Joy and Love!!