FaceFit POP UP Beauty Bar
Skin Detox Event

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23  |  10a – 4p
Reveal Your Healthiest Skin Ever!

$10 Ticket price includes: 

  • Face Mapping Skin Analysis: Professional consultation and zone-by-zone analysis of the skin.
  • 10-minute Skin Detox treatment: Performed at the beauty Bar, this skin treatment is designed to resurface, detoxify and reduce the signs of aging while helping to protect the skin from harmful environmental pollution.

  • Free Gift with $50 Purchase: You’ll receive a free gift with $50 purchase to help you maintain and take care of your skin.

  • $10 Retail Credit: Ticket price includes a $10 credit which is redeemable in retail product of your choice on this day. We’ll help you find the perfect at-home regimen!

Space is limited. Book Now!  571.248.4150

FaceFit treatments are designed to provide personalized education and skin tips to help achieve ultimate skin health. This express service is the quick refresher to get your skin looking and feeling its best.