For 26 years as a stylist, Gloria heard thousands of heart breaking stories.  For many years, all she could offer was a listening ear or shoulder to cry on.  However, a few years ago, Gloria began to sense a prompting to pray with her guests and has seen miraculous healings, restored lives, renewed hope and many people find life through Christ and that is where everything starts to change.

We believe in transformation through beauty, and we want to see our guests experience that transformation spirit, soul & body!  We have put together some resources to fuel your faith!

Next Steps

A compilation of practical and effective ways to pursue your personal healing journey. (MORE)


If you have something specific that you would like prayer for, fill out this form and we will be praying! (MORE)


We are compiling a list of some of our favorite, tried & true, resources that can support you on your journey.
This is not an exhaustive list, but just something to get you started.


Nora Lutyk – Christian Counselor
CONTACT:  (703) 851-7099  | Email Nora


Teen Challenge USA |  417-581-2181


A non-denominational and non-profit Christian organization that gather resources to provide for women and children that are in need while sharing God’s message of love.