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Healing the hair from the inside out takes a little time but will change the structure and condition of your hair to create the healthiest hair you’ve ever had. It also solves a lot of “hair issues” that most people struggle with like split ends, static, humidity, volume, shine, strength and oily scalp problems. Just to name a few!

Transformation Takes Time

These products remove all build up of resins and plastics from the hair and exposes the real condition of the hair. As the reconstruction begins, you will notice the hair becoming less dry, in better condition, shinier and stronger. Don’t give up! Keep going, it will be worth the effort. A permanent hair transformation! We guarantee our products! If you use them for 5 weeks as instructed. Enjoy your new hair and feel free to call us with any questions at all! 571.248.4150

Hair is protein and becomes depleted with chemicals and environmental damage, This creates “potholes” in the hair that weaken the hair and make the hair look unhealthy.

To create the optimal condition for the hair, adding protein that covalently bonds to the hair and moisture every time you wash your hair and blow it dry will balance and heal the hair.