Making the Most Of Your Hair Care Experience

The ULTIMATE salon experience:

Choose a level of stylist based on what works best for your beauty budget. There are four levels to choose from: artistic, senior, master and second level master. Your stylists have been equally trained and as they progress and meet their career goals, they are promoted to the higher levels. We work together as a team and encourage our guests to experience all of our stylists to see which fit is the best for you.

Set up a complimentary consultation on a day and time that works for you to discuss all of your hair care options.

During your consultation, be open and honest. Express your needs and concerns. Your stylist will work with you to create the most flattering look for you that also works best with your lifestyle.

Your stylist will make professional recommendations for your hair care at home that will optimize the health and maintenance of your new hairstyle. Our products are the most scientifically advanced hair care products in the world. They really work! Be open to something new. All services include a complimentary consultation, and all color and haircutting services include a luxurious scalp massage. All hair care pricing may vary according to density and length of hair. Current prices for services are determined by years of experience and level of expertise.


Our Salon Team is equal to none other! We train extensively all year long. The average American hairstylist trains the same amount of time in ten years that we do in one. Each stylist is committed and fully engaged in being the absolute BEST in our field. They are bright, positive, fashion forward, professional and truly authentic in every way! Click on their pictures below to learn more about them!

We are a TRUE team, you can see one or all of us, we actually encourage it, and whatever works best for you is best for us!

Holly Cook
Master Stylist – 3rd Level

Monica DiPaolo
Master Stylist – 3rd Level

Stephanie Wickstrom
Master Stylist – 3rd Level

Angela Edmonds
Master Stylist – 2nd Level

Rachel Henry
Master Stylist – 2nd Level

Krystal Williams
Master Stylist – 2nd Level

Christine Kibben
Master Stylist

Erin Fuge
Master Stylist

Susanne Waldrep
Master Stylist

Brooke Wolkowich
Master Stylist

Amanda Driver
Senior Stylist

Esther Gallop
Senior Stylist

Sam Armel
Artistic Stylist

Morgan Harding
Artistic Stylist

Courtney Kulik
Artistic Stylist

Ellyn Querry
Artistic Stylist

Meet Our Make Up Artists

Zoe Rogers
Make Up Artist

Our New Talent Stylists are the future of our industry and are the best and the brightest!  Our new talent team is ready to serve you on the floor!  Call and make an appointment with one of these fantastically talented ladies.


New Talent Services Menu


$19.50  Clipper Cut

$17.50 Cleanse & Finish

$25.00 Cleanse, Cut & Finish


$24.50 Demi Color Touch Up

$47.50 Foil Highlights (1 Color)

$49.50 3/4 Dual Foil

$55.00 Partial Tri-Foil Highlights

$59.50 Full Ombre

$29.50 Demi Color to Ends

$39.50 3/4 Foil Highlights

$44.50 Partial Dual Foil

$17.00 Glaze

$41.00 Partial Ombre

$29.50 Perm Color to Ends

$34.50 Partial Foil

$74.50 Tri-Foil Highlights

$2.50 Spotlights (per foil)

$25.00 Olaplex

$34.50 Perm Color to Ends

$51.00 Dual Foil

$69.50  3/4 Tri-Foil Highlights

$12.50 Block Coloring

We proudly use Aquage, Eufora, Lanza & Prodesign Products.